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Yacht Rigging Services


America's Cup-quality marine rigging


Here are some of the most popular yacht rigging services available, for boats at Auckland's Westhaven Marina and Bayswater Marina.


Rig checks and rig replacement

Both wire rigging and rod rigging needs replacing from time to time. Kiwi Rigging can help identify if your standing rigging is in need of replacement, and custom make the new rigging for your boat. This includes a rig tune and sea trial to make sure that everything's working perfectly.


Rig tunes

Yachts, especially racing boats, benefit from having their rigs tuned at least once every season. Not only will help make your boat sail faster, but it minimises wear and tear too. Rig tunes can either be dock based or include a sea trial.


Mast replacement

Kiwi Rigging can organise your new mast. The service includes sourcing a suitable mast; liaising with the spar makers; making the rigging; and fitting your new mast.


Mast lifting and re-stepping

If you need the mast taken out of your boat, and/or have it re-stepped, Kiwi Rigging can take care of the whole job for you. This includes organising the crane hire; undoing the rigging; and then setting it all up again afterwards.


Halyards and sheets

Need new ropes? Kiwi Rigging can supply the rope; fit new shackles; splice the end and install it on your boat. If you're not sure what kind of rope is best for your boat and the particular application, we can advise you on the most suitable options. This includes rope for:

  • Halyards.

  • Sheets.

  • Runners (running backstays).

  • Vang (kicker) fittings.

  • Mainsheet travellers.

  • Reefing lines.

  • Furling lines.

  • Topping lift.

  • Downhaul.

  • Bob stays for prods (bowsprits).


Need a new rope spliced? We can supply the rope and splice it for you.

NB: we generally don't splice old, worn ropes as they are often too stretched to be easily spliced, and purchasing a new rope usually works out to be more cost-effective.


Sailing systems - supply and service fittings

Are your winches, jammers, blocks, cleats, tracks, cars and other fittings playing up? In many cases we can service these for you, or replace them with new parts. Complete refits are a speciality of Kiwi Rigging.


Sailing systems - set up

The types of fittings you use and where they're located on your boat can make a significant difference in how easy your boat is to sail. So if you're finding that sailing is too much like hard work, we can discuss a better way of setting it up; source the fittings for your; and install it.



Kiwi Rigging can install and repair furling units as well as the furling lines. Not sure which furling unit is right for your boat? We can suggest suitable makes and models.


Tuff Luff headfoils

Tuff Luff is a performance slotted headstay system popular on many racing yachts: Kiwi Rigging can supply and install this on your boat.



Fractionally rigged yachts often choose to fly masthead spinnakers. But if your yacht doesn't have sufficient reinforcement at the top, you can risk losing your whole rig. Jumper stays are a popular way of strengthening the mast, and Kiwi Rigging have been setting up Ross 930s with this system for some time.


Spreader ends

All too often spinnakers and genakers can be torn by the sharp corners on spreaders. Fitting spreader ends is a good way of avoiding this: but do be sure to check your spreader ends occasionally, as water can gather which corrodes the spreader ends and terminals.


Spinnaker poles

Need a new spinnaker pole? We custom-make metal or carbon fibre spinnaker poles.


Welding and stainless steel repairs

Kiwi Rigging's portable TIG welder means that we can repair your stainless steel fittings either on your boat or in our workshop.


Manufacture of custom fittings

We can manufacture certain custom fittings in our workshop. This includes carbon-fibre clew boards for self-tacking headsails and a variety of stainless steel fittings.


Insurance repairs

Need some rigging work as part of your insurance claim? Kiwi Rigging works alongside your insurance company to get you sailing again as soon as possible.


Wind gear and VHF aerial replacement and fitting

If your wind gear or VHF aerial needs replacing and you're not keen on climbing the mast, we can install it for you and run the wire ready for your electrician to hook up. Kiwi Rigging can supply wind gear and VHF aerials directly to you.


Navigation lights

Bulb need replacing? Or a new unit needs fitting? Kiwi Rigging can install navigation lights on your mast, ready for your electrician to wire in. This includes:

  • Masthead navigation lights.

  • Steaming light.

  • Anchor light.

  • Spreader lights.

Life lines

Just like rigging, life lines need replacing from time-to-time. And if you're planning an offshore cruise, the inspectors are very strict about the gauge of the wire used, as well as its condition. Kiwi Rigging can supply and fit new lifelines for you.


Mast steps

Cruising yachts often choose to have steps on the mast so that it's easy to climb the mast. Kiwi Rigging can supply and fit your mast steps.


Consultancy and sailing advice

Need some sailing or rigging advice? Want to learn how to adjust your sail controls for maximum boat speed? Grant is available for consultancy and tuition to help you get the most out of your boat.


Contracts and overseas work

Grant Jenkins is often available for contracts and overseas rigging work. Please contact us to discuss your project.



Can we help you?

Please do contact us to discuss your rigging job!



All products and services are offered subject to availability.


How sound is your yacht's rigging?




Kiwi Rigging looks after your boat's mast


Kiwi Rigging can supply you with new ropes


Your crew will thank you for keeping your winches serviced!


Get the best performance from your boat with a well-tuned rig


Are your sailing systems set up for optimal use?


User-friendly sailing systems

  Kiwi Rigging supplies and fits new sailing gear and ropes
  A mast that's properly set up will get the best performance from your sails
  Kiwi Rigging can upgrade your mooring lines so they're easy to grab



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