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FAQs - frequently asked questions about yacht rigging


These are some of the questions we get asked most often - and if you have any other enquiries, please contact us, we'll be happy to help.


Where are your yacht rigging services available?

Kiwi Rigging is a mobile yacht rigging service based in Kerikeri, also covering Opua and the Bay of Islands area, New Zealand.

Grant Jenkins is also available for rigging contracts and international rigging projects.


How often should I replace my rigging?

It depends on the type of rigging (rod, wire or PBO) and how often you sail your boat. Contact us to have your rigging checked, and we'll be able to advise if any stays need replacing.


Why does my yacht sail faster on one tack than the other?

This is a common issue for many yachts and this can be for a number of reasons:

  • The speed and/or wind instruments aren't calibrated accurately, or the flow over the instrument sensors is interrupted or uneven (e.g. if the paddlewheel is one one side of the hull, or behind the propeller).

  • The boat is heavier on one side than the other: for example, if your galley, fridge and heads are all on the same side, it will make one tack faster than the other. The same thing applies if your possessions are unevenly stowed.

  • One side of your boat's hull could be longer than other: it's surprising how many boats aren't completely symmetrical! This disparity in waterline length will affect the performance.

  • The mast is stepped in the wrong place.

  • Your rigging is tighter on one side than the other: a rig tune from Kiwi Rigging will help. Contact us to arrange your rig tune!

Can you splice old rope?

Old rope can be spliced but as it is already stretched, it's a difficult and time-consuming task. It's usually cheaper to buy a new rope and have it spliced than to have old rope spliced. Kiwi Rigging can supply you with rope directly from the manufacturer at competitive prices. Contact us to find out more.


How tight or loose should my rigging be?

Contrary to popular opinion, a slack rig is more harmful to a hull than a properly adjusted, tight rig. Slack rigging will punish the spars and rigging as it allows excessive movement, chafe and shock loading. A well-adjusted rig allows the mast bend to control the mainsail shape and trim of the jib, since the mast adjustment generally affects forestay tension too. So a skipper will benefit from maintaining consistent rig tension while developing the optimum sail shape and sailing tactics. Contact Kiwi Rigging to arrange the optimum rig tune for your sailboat.



Can we help you? Please do contact us to discuss your rigging job!


Coastal Classic yacht race

2007 Coastal Classic Yacht Race: many of Kiwi Rigging's clients celebrated winning performances



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